Atari ST Imaging & Preservation Tools
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No games are available for download from this site. There is a single Pasti image here. It is the image
of the Union Demo, one of the very few copy protected demos. Use the -
stfmborder option to run this
demo under Steem.

Union Demo Pasti image. (802 Kb)

NOTE: All current Pasti images were made with beta tools and therefore should be considered beta
images. It is possible that these images will not be compatible with the final non-beta release of
Pasti.Dll and other Pasti tools.

Pasti.Dll is the emulation helper tool for Windows. It extends Atari ST emulators, adding support for
extended disk images. These disk images support exotic, custom, and copy-protected formats. You can
now use emulators to run ST software in its original uncracked form.

Pasti Dll (41 Kb)

This is a beta release.

Pasti is a package of sotware tools for imaging and preservation of Atari software. The two major
components are the imaging tools and the emulation helper tools.

The imaging tools produce a disk image file from an original disk. It works very similarly to standard
imaging tools like Makedisk, but they can image virtually any ST disk including copy protected disks.

Imaging tools are available for different hardware setups, including a plain Atari ST computer.
Capabilities vary depending on the hardware. Specialized hardware is required for writing back images
to a floppy disk.
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Our main goal is the preservation of Atari software in its original unmodified form. Original
software is normally stored on diskettes with custom format or copy protection. Standard
tools cannot back up or image them. But floppy disk recording have a limited life time. It
won't take too long until all original Atari disks will be damaged and lost.
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Requires any ST,STe, Mega ST or Mega STe computer with at least one double sided disk drive. Is not
compatible with TT or Falcon computers. One Megabyte RAM recommended. Hard disk is optional.

Download preliminary beta release:
Imaging Tool for ST (32 Kb)
Pasti and programs without on-disk copy protection.

Pasti is also involved for the preservation of disks with no on-disk copy protection. These disks can be
imaged with standard tools and stored as standard ST images (ST/MSA). But standard tools can't verify
the condition of the disk. Then a plan ST image might be taken from a disk that is damaged or modified